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i've just added a few more of my "Beauty and the Beast" series illustrations to my print shop for anyone who's interested in a copy of their own!

if there are any pieces not on their that you'd like, please feel free to contact me so i can put them up for you! :)

i've uploaded just a handful of prints of my work up to my Society 6 shop, and they're having free shipping this weekend until midnight Pacific time on August 12! i just put up my full Avengers Gowns pic, too! :)

just follow the link!…

since i'm almost done with that Avengers Gown series, i thought that now might be a good time to open up commissions! pricing will depend on the difficulty of the request (a character vs an entire scene, for example) and the state to which it is to be finished (sketch, lines, painterly color, or crazy detailed). you can also request specific styles if you like, as i have a few different ones that i work in (more realistic vs more cartoony/cutesy).

if you have a commission, note me and we can discuss pricing. c:

edit: payment would be through paypal, though if that's not available perhaps we can discuss other options?

hello, all!

so i was thinking about opening up commissions soon (not quite this week as i am lacking both photoshop and my laptop), and that maybe a good way to start would to do a [free] request or two to give an idea of the kind of commission work i could do on here.

so how bout it? anyone have any original characters they'd like me to draw? i'm thinking either bust portraits or full body sketches right now.

any takers?


edit: i've now done one round of requests, starting my second, so i'm afraid i'm going to cut it off here. i'll post if i decide to take on more or when i open commissions! :)