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June 5, 2012
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Avengers Gowns: Iron Man and Hulk by kelseymichele Avengers Gowns: Iron Man and Hulk by kelseymichele
here's more in the series of avengers gowns! here’s iron man and hulk. hulk was such a struggle…oy.

a little on my thought process:
for iron man, i mainly wanted him to stand in contrast to the more demure dress of captain america, something that would translate both his suit and his flashy personality. i will admit to putting a lot more gold in it than his actual suit has, but i reeeeaaallly like the red and gold together! XD

and hulk...eeee, hulk went through SO MANY revisions. i decided on this dress for a few reasons. i liked the fluffy boa as a representation of his broad, hulky shoulders, and the asymmetry is supposed to reflect not only imbalance but the fact that his clothes basically get ripped to shreds every time hulk joins the party. i also wanted it to represent in a way how banner relates to the hulk, how banner is such a reserved guy while this hulk is just this darkness inside him.

hopefully, i can get black widow and hawkeye finished next! hawkeye's is another toughy. XP

Captain America and Thor: [link]

EDIT: Black Widow and Hawkeye are up now! [link]
so are Agent Coulson, Fury, and Hill!

on tumblr: [link]
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gorgeous! love em all
ALL of your Avengers (and SHIELD) gowns are so gorgeous! And I reeaally love your descriptions/reasonings for these two characters and dresses, especially the Hulk dress has a great thought process behind it (Bruce being reserved; the asymmetry)!
i love the way you did them both! i want the iron man shoes!
I would buy The Hulk's dress IMMEDIATELY. It is gorgeous.
I watched a segment of Super Hero influenced couture outfits designed by famous designers. Some were cool but I have to say that these digital creations are farrrrrrrr more superior than those on display. Amazing work. I love the retro look of the models. Awesome. Which progs did you use?
GeekyRage Jun 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
i reallllllllly like these. Amazing features. This is great! <3
honeko Jun 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are so great. Iron Man is hella cocky!! I love it. It's so perfect. I love the thought you put into Hulk too. I can see you put a lot of detail in it and it looks great!! I love everything about it, but maybe especially the purple shoe and the slit in the dress. <3
sheandherheart Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Im in love with Loki outfit! awsome job
Delicious. Wow, look at those shoes in the Iron Man outfit!

Purple brooch, shoes, and lipstick for Hulk. Lovely!
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